About Us

We work closely with external networks including the local authorities offering tailored care plans to individual children and young people in care.

Psycho-Dynamic Group Living at Kennedy Elliott

At Kennedy Elliott our work is grounded in psycho-dynamic principles. We use group living environments to enable children and young people to address the impact of their experiences on their current lives and to work towards breaking the cycle to achieve their full potential.

Kennedy Elliott believe that a child’s difficulties are rooted predominantly in their past relationships, and that healing can happen through the building of new and safe relationships. We provide an environment where the hurt and damage of a child’s past can begin to be addressed.

Experts in Trauma Informed Care for Children and Young People

Kennedy Elliott are committed to creating an environment where children and young people can have their care, emotional, educational and therapeutic needs met by experienced and informed staff members.

The ethos and philosophy behind Kennedy Elliott is

“Safe and secure living where children and young people can thrive and develop to reach their full potential” 

Our Ethos

The ethos and philosophy behind our children’s homes is “Safe and secure living where children and young people can thrive and develop to reach their full potential”
Safe and Nurturing Environment

At Kennedy Elliott, we prioritize creating a safe, warm, and caring home for every young person. This fundamental aspect allows children to focus on their personal development, education, and career aspirations. Our homes operate like a family environment, promoting both healing and growth.

Community Integration

Kennedy Elliott's primary goal is to integrate young people into the community without prejudice or stigma. We aim to address the behaviors and attitudes that have previously hindered their lives, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance within the community.

Behavioral Support and Collaboration

We are dedicated to acting appropriately in response to various behaviors and developing strategies to challenge inappropriate actions. Kennedy Elliott collaborates closely with several external agencies to provide comprehensive support, ensuring that young people receive the necessary guidance and resources to thrive.

Our Team

Dr. Nigel Kennedy


Qualified as a doctor in Manchester 1979 and has been putting bright smiles on the faces of his patients daily. Nigel carries out annual charity work including working in Africa, helping to relieve children’s suffering. Nigel wanted to continue his great work by providing accommodation across the UK for those in need which is what lead him to “Kennedy Elliott”

“Live your life making others smile”

Trevor Elliott MBE

Trevor has been working with children for the best part of 10 years. Trevor Elliott was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in the BD2020 Honours List for his excellent services to vulnerable children. Trevor is the founder of numerous youth organisations including “Lambeth Action for Youth” where he gained GLOBAL recognition from ITV after being identified for his unique work within London communities.Read More

Kennedy Elliott are always looking for quality staff so if you would like to join our team head over to the "work for us" page and send us your CV. We offer quality training for all our staff and offer clear pathways for development